Adopted 11/3/18

19-year-old OTTB mare.

Umaimah was adopted along with Bailey.
She is so happy in her new home and that she gets to spend her days with a friend.

Buttons aka " Zip Mi Mink"

Adopted: 06/16/18

What a heart-wrenching rescue we made yesterday. This beautiful AQHA registered quarter horse mare has been so starved and neglected over such a long period of time that we worry if we will be able to bring her back. She is at least 200 lbs underweight. Her feet haven’t been trimmed in forever and she tripped on them when she loaded in the trailer. She is so sweet a good-natured.
The farrier and veterinarian have been alerted to her condition and both are scheduled to come work on her tomorrow. We are looking for folks to help sponsor her care. She has a long road to recovery ahead of her. First Feet trim, here are 4 pic posted on the long foot before and after
We are having a fantastic week! I was able to track down and contact Buttons original owner. Gotta love Facebook. She contacted me yesterday and we returned Buttons to her original home at the Lane Ranch this morning. We were so happy to see that she remembered it. She brightened up, hollered to the rest of the horses and was excited to be back. I know that she will continue to improve and she’s so close we can visit her often. Such a wonderful place for her to relax and live out the rest of her life.
We went for a visit with Buttons at the Lane Ranch. She is doing wonderful. They are so pleased to have her back. She is happy and healthy and putting a lot of her weight back on. Such a happy ending for a sweet, sweet horse.


Update: June 12 2018

17-year-old Appy/QH cross mare

Aussie was adopted by a wonderful woman from the San Diego area. She and Aussie are taking riding lessons and learning to jump together. Aussie has found a wonderful new home. We love our happy endings.


Update: 11-23-2018

17-yr-old quarter horse

Cody has found a new loving home with a wonderful retired couple in Tehachapi. He has a beautiful 1/2 acre paddock with lots of room to roam. His new family loves to camp and he while going on lots of new adventures. Congratulations Cody.


Adopted 11/3/18

25-year-old Peruvian (Tennessee Walker/Peruvian Paso cross)

Bailey was adopted along with Umaimah by a retired couple. They love having such a sweet, gentle boy to care for.


Adopted 1/11/19

5-year-old Shetland pony mare

5 year old Shetland pony mare. Truffles was adopted by a local lesson program. She is being trained from the ground up in a new training program they have for their students.

We have some adorable new pony that was brought in this week. We will have the vet out next week to vaccinate and do wellness checks. 5-6 year old Blue roan mini mare super people shy. She will need lots of attention to socialize her.


Adopted 11/13/18

Tina is 13-15-year-old Shetland Pony Mare

Was adopted by a local lesson program. She now gives riding lessons to small children.

Pickles aka "Hobo in Vegas"

Adopted 9/16/18

20-year-old Quarter Horse gelding.

Pickles was adopted Together with Eli by a local family. They are first-time horse owners and we get to visit him often in his new home. Congratulations to Pickles. He has settled in and is already exploring the new arena.

NaturVet has generously donated joint and arthritis supplements for Pickles. We have started him on them this week. Will post videos on him every couple weeks to see how he improves. Thank you again, Sue Friley, for sending these.

Pickles is a 20-year-old quarter horse gelding. He was picked up at the end of March. He was very underweight and his back very stiff and hunched up. He was in chronic pain and discomfort.

Here is where your donations are spent.

Since coming to Wild at Heart Horse Rescue, Pickles has been fed a special high protein diet and has put on over 100 lbs. He has been wormed several times to clear his system of parasites. We have vaccinated him and had him treated by an equine chiropractor.

These are pictures of Pickles from the day we picked him up and as he stands today. He still needs another 100 lbs but look how well he stands now.

Pickles will be an ideal beginners horse, husband horse or a great all around trail horse. He is calm and has a very sweet nature.

Please keep the donations coming so we can continue to provide the care that Pickles and all of our rescues so desperately need. We have some adorable new pony that was brought in this week. We will have the vet out next week to vaccinate and do wellness checks. 5-6 year old Blue roan mini mare super people shy. She will need lots of attention to socialize her.


Adopted 8/14/18

Baby is 5-year-old Azteca Mare

Baby is 5-year-old Azteca mare that was adopted by one of our long-time volunteers.
Her family has recently moved to Tennessee and she is waiting for her transport to be with them in the next few weeks.


Adopted 6/9/18

23-year-old Quarter horse/Thoroughbred cross

Grande is a 23-year-old Quarter horse/Thoroughbred cross. Grande was adopted by a lovely couple that does trail rides for campgrounds.

He is enjoying his life walking through beautiful Ojai and entertaining children.



10-year-old Paint Mare

Patches was adopted by another neighbor as a companion horse. Patches has some traumatic issues in her past and was deemed unsafe to ride. This is the perfect job for her. Relax and enjoy her life being spoiled with her new friend.

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