Wild at Heart Horse Rescue is a non-profit horse rescue located in Lancaster, CA.

We are a rescue specializing in rehabilitating, re-training and rehoming owner surrendered horses and transitioning through specialized care and training for a new job and a new home.

We believe that every horse deserves a job and permanent adoptive home. Some of our horses become great trail, endurance riding, hunter/jumper, dressage or lesson horses. Others are destined to become therapy horses, helping kids and adults healing from their own deep wounds. We work hard to take care of these horses, all the while knowing that the horses are secretly taking care of us.

We are here for every horse owner:

The choice to rehome your horse is a difficult one, and we meet that decision without judgment and with every effort to help. Many situations can result in the need to rehome a horse, and we believe in making it a compassionate and judgment-free experience. Life is unpredictable, and Wild at Heart Horse Rescue holds deep admiration for responsible horse owners who seek rehoming assistance when it is simply not the right fit or before a situation becomes dire.

The kindhearted choice to rehome your horse with WHHR means that they will receive industry-leading care, expert training and be part of our unique matching process to find their perfect fit and family.

How and when do I decide to rehome?

Does my horse need more training?

Do I lack the training/horse handling experience to manage my horse?

Are my horse and I simply not a good match?

Am I going through financial struggle?

Am I unable to provide proper care for my horse?

Am I experiencing a financial crisis that is preventing me from keeping my horse?

Does investing in this horse make sense for me?

Do I have the time and resources to make this work?

Is it in my horse’s best interest to stay in my home?

If not, it may be time to rehome.