I Am Fully Sponsored

  • Age: 11
  • Breed: Quarter Horse
  • Sex: Gelding

Zorro! This sweet big baby is a 11 year old quarter horse gelding. He came to us almost 2 weeks ago as a “trail horse” We had Dr Dyck here to do an examination on him because he had gone totally lame a couple days after arriving. Dr Dyck determined that he does indeed have severe navicular disease and was most likely on pain meds when we picked him up. We are discussing options for treatment for him with our veterinarian and at the moment, We have him on painkillers to manage his discomfort. This gorgeous boy will never be a rideable horse. He has been taken off of our ‘available horses’ and will be a sanctuary horse.

Considering his treatment care plan and the medications he will be placed on, Zorro will be needing a sponsor. Sponsoring a horse could be as little as $20/month. You’ll receive a weekly photo of Zorro and a Birthday/Christmas card from him too! Would anyone be interested in sponsoring this sweet guy? With the prices on everything going up and the numerous bills adding up, we could definitely use your help! We NeeD YouR HeLP! We will forever be thankful! Contact us for more info 🙏🏻