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  • Age: 17
  • Breed: Pinto
  • Sex: Gelding

Update: Isaias was able to teach Diesel to lunge. And he saddled Diesel and evaluated under saddle, found that not only is he completely saddle trained but he also neck reins. Did a test ride with a trainer as well.  Isaias warmed him up under saddle then did a lesson with a student on him! Love this horse!!! We will continue to work in his ground manners but this guy makes giant leaps every day.


This boy is a 17 yr old 16h pinto. Diesel puts our young saddlebred gelding to shame in the biting dept  He’s a complete booger. He really learned to take advantage, bully and terrorize his previous owner.  So we are up for the challenge. Our team has already been working with him and Teaching him that his bag of tricks won’t work here!  Soon he’ll be walking the straight and narrow. Apparently he’s excellent under saddle and trail safe  You just have to get him saddled without him smothering you with “kisses”