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  • Age: 13
  • Breed: Appendix Quarter Horse
  • Sex: Gelding
Someone put a lot of training into this sweet, gentle guy named Saber. He wears the scars of his past on his coat as a testament that he hasn’t had the easiest life. He’s picked up some pretty nasty habits and is trying his bag of tricks to see if he can push his rider away, nevertheless we are optimistic that he’ll come around sooner than later as it is very easy to see that his aggression isn’t his true disposition rather one he has assumed as a defense mechanism, not too far underneath his actions you can see a frightened but very sweet gelding that just needs to learn to let his guard down and know that his concerns are both heard and taken into account. 
We are loving this boy and giving him the EXTRA LovE that he deserves. We do not give up on our animals, we will not fail them. We give them what they deserve and we make them Wild at Heart