10 yrs old and lame

This is Blizzard. He was our 2nd rescue. 10 yrs old and lame as lame can be. Suspensory ligaments blown when he was really young and no treatment given. He was just put in a stall and left as is. We have had him for 3 years and he has corrective shoeing every 4 weeks and medication for when he gets ouchy. He’s much more comfortable. We are looking into surgical alternatives for him. We really need from our followers in the form of “donations” to help pay for his surgery.

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30-year-old, 17hh warmblood gelding

Zeus is a 30 year old, 17hh warmblood gelding. He was surrendered to us by his previous owners. They in turn had rescued him from a barn where he was suffering from severe neglect. He was extremely underweight and they took him in and cared for him until he was healthy. Unfortunately for them, once he was feeling good he became a real handful. He has a few saddle sores on his back so we believe he may have had some saddle fit issues and that is why he was acting up.

Since bringing Zeus to Wild at Heart Horse Rescue, he has been getting plenty of lessons in ground manners. Mike has worked with him on ground work and Aubrey has spent time with him under saddle and he is has a lot of good training that he just needed to remember. He is great on the flat, knows his automatic lead changes and when on the trail, plows right through water. He does everything an experienced show horse should do. Clips, ties, trailers and stands very well for the farrier. He is very healthy with no lameness issues. He is currently available for adoption to an approved home.

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16-year-old, 17 hand Appendix Quarter Horse

This beautiful lady came in to our rescue this weekend. Sage is a 16 year old, 17 hand Appendix Quarter Horse. She is a Dun/Paint with gorgeous leg stripes plus one blue and one brown eye. She is absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, at 16 she already has fused hocks and has issues with her knees. We have her X-rays and will have the vet out next week to review them and gives us the best course of action for Sage.

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